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The Honda NSX has arrived

Well it has finally happened, after months and months of much hype and excitement, Honda have taken to the stage in Geneva and have revealed their brand new NSX hybrid super car under the bright lights. Honda certainly hold a strong place in Geneva this year with the new Civic Type R being revealed and the new Jazz shortly after but we have to admit, the new NSX is the most impressive in our opinion of all three of these vehicles revealed. The new supercar running on a hybrid power train was revealed showing the excellent and wonderfully designed looks that Honda have brought to the table. The NSX originally belonged to the Acura brand who are the luxury division of Honda. Honda now taking the vehicle under their own wing will be looking to catch much more attention with the car and they are certainly off to an amazing start with their latest introduction.


What do we know about the Honda NSX so far?

Well in our opinion, this new model just goes to show that the brand are a master of their craft when it comes to making four wheeled models. Since 1948 Honda have been a dominant player in the motorcycle market and have perfected super power in their motorcycles as demonstrated by the new Fireblade SP model. So now the company do the same with their car division. Performance rates and power output are still somewhat quiet for the moment but we do know that three electric motors take their place inside of the NSX which will be matched up with a V6 engine. Honda have also developed a brand new nine speed, automatic dual clutch transmission system especially for the supercar. The world is unsure of the kind of power the car will put out but we are certainly excited to find out.


The car looks absolutely amazing with a bright Red colour design with Black inserts which can be found around the front grille and the back bumpers. A hexagonal shaped exhaust pipe also completes the finish very well. We have however also seen shots from inside the car in Switzerland fitted with Red leather and Black suede seating. The Red leather continues around the cabin along the centre console and door sills. Electric windows, a multi functioning steering wheel, aluminium pedals and chrome fittings around the touchscreen system and air conditioning vents all help the car to look just as amazing inside as it does on the outside.


When does the new NSX go on sale?

Honda have confirmed that sales of the all new hybrid supercar will get underway from the beginning of next year but prices are yet to be announced. One thing is for sure and that is the new NSX will prove to be an eye catching supercar that could very well go at it with the BMW i8 and the Nissan 370Z Nismo

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