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The Mercedes E Class still a strong runner years later

It is one of the most well loved vehicles that Mercedes Benz have on offer and it has been a vehicle that has seen four life cycles over the course of its time on the road. A brand new fifth generation model is set to go on sale at some point next year and today the vehicle in our sights is of course the E Class. The E Class badges a number of executive vehicles produced by the German firm. We first seen the range arrive on the road in 1993 with the latest fourth generation model becoming available in 2009. We are all looking to the future of the range in 2016 but today in our special post, we would like to take a look back at the history and the evolution of the Mercedes E Class.


The Mercedes E Class from the beginning

The E Class range is known for its host of features and styles and this has been the case since day one when the car was first produced in 1993. For the very first model we seen multiple styles up for grabs which consisted of a Coupe,Sedan,Convertible and station wagon format. Both petrol and diesel engines were available and were all constructed of both four and six cylinder engines. A V8 petrol also found a place in the car which helped when it came down to sales. Moving two years down the line we saw the new second generation range in 1995. Options of style were reduced this time around which just seen the station wagon and sedan versions available. Both four and five door varieties were up for grabs though. However if you look to 1999 the car was heavily revised which seen a much smoother finish to the body design and some technical changes also brought into play.


It was in 2002 that Mercedes launched what many consider to be the best E Class range to date. Again just like before we saw estate versions and sedans go on sale but rather than just the one facelift in later life, the car was given two. This was also the first generation of E Class range to be offered under the fine tuning of AMG. This range also seen Bluetec diesel engines come into play as they replaced the CDI diesel models.


Now we arrive at the current range on our roads. With production kicking off in 2009,the current E Class has attracted a lot of customers to the Mercedes brand over the duration of the past six years. Again much like before Estate and Sedan models are offered. Later on into the lifecycle we saw a convertible version also become available which can still be purchased today. AMG tuning aswell as both petrol and diesel offerings are also made available with the current line up. Packing some neat features such as a leather interior, a multi functioning steering wheel,a sat nav system and chrome finish trimmings the latest E Class is pure luxury and power defined.


How will the E Class evolve in the future?

As previously mentioned, Mercedes will be launching a brand new fifth generation of the car from next year. Information is a little scarce for the vehicle for the time being but a reveal can be expected at one of this years big motor shows before going on sale in 2016. A big investment has been made into the production of the new E Class which is reportedly around just over the five hundred million area which could mean a big overhaul for the vehicle. In our opinion the E Class is an executive car which has withstood the tests of time and brought the fight to some big contenders such as the Volvo S60 and the A6 from Audi whilst at the same time adapting to new advancements in car production and manufacturing. The E Class is to hold a strong place in the future of Mercedes Benz.


The Mercedes E Class

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