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The Volvo XC90 first edition sells out in just two days

In some exciting news today coming out of the Swedish car firm Volvo, we are excited by the recent success that the day one edition of the new XC90 has achieved just last week. The special day one edition of the car which is all set to be launched by the brand sold their first line up via the internet and a total of 1,927 units were sold in the space of just two days.


The majority of the vehicles that were sold were reserved by customers within the very first hour of being on sale. This equaled out at seven units being sold every minute. From the United Kingdom, only a total of 55 units were purchased by customers here in the UK with the first arrival of the car to these customers set to arrive in April of next year.


What unique features are included with the day one edition of the XC90?

There is a way when the cars officially go on sale to distinguish the difference between a day one edition and a standard launch time sale model. For instance with the day one edition,Volvo have included the fittings of an Onyx Black paint scheme joined along side by numbered tread plates and a badge on the tail gate. A set of eight spoke, 21 inch wheels also come along with the day one edition.


The interior of the car is perhaps the more telling sales points here though as the use of Nappa leather seating,a leather dashboard and Walnut inserts find their way into the car. The overall power and transmission of day one editions of the car also come into play here as customers who purchased the car online over the first two days will receive the Volvo flagship D5,Twin turbo diesel engine and four cylinder Drive E power trains also come along for the journey too. An eight speed automatic transmission system combined with this engine helps this special edition of the car to deliver on 225 brake horse power.

This XC90 could very well prove to be the future of the SUV market in a sector of the car industry which is now dominated by models like the Nissan Qashqai and the BMW X3.


How much did the special day one editions of the XC90 go on sale for?

As we previously stated, the big news here is that all day one editions of the car have sold out. The customers who purchased the car over the course of these two days will first receive their vehicles throughout the course of April next year. The customers who managed to grab an XC90 in time would of paid a brand new purchase price of £68,000.

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