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Volvo XC90

New Volvo XC90


The Volvo brand have been in the major automotive news this week for all of the right reasons as the brand look to be back on track. The new XC90 model at Volvo has been involved in a vigorous winter testing program and has been spotted numerous times close to the arctic circle.


The XC90 model at Volvo has been one of the best performing models under the Volvo name in the past couple of years and the demand for the SUV market has continued to increase. Competition for the SUV market is only set to increase over the next 24 months as more and more manufacturers look to enter a new model into the market.


The Volvo brand has made major headlines this week following the announcement of the new KERS technology and the new engine technology at the manufacturer. The Swedish brand plan to use the KERS technology to help with fuel efficiency rather than give the models built more of a boost in performance.


In terms of the new E drive engines at Volvo, the firm announced a number of years ago that they planned not to build an electrically powered model or a hybrid model due to the size of the market. However, despite the electric car market and the hybrid car market both increasing in size the firm are yet to build a model.


Instead they have built a range of engines that have the ability to rival the fuel efficiency figures achieved by the likes of the Nissan Leaf electrical model. Volvo still insist that they will never enter the electric or hybrid market due to the small target market.


Like Volvo, Jaguar and Mazda have also built a new range of engines that will rival the fuel efficiency figures achieved by electrically powered models. Mazda insist that they will be building a new range of engines to rival that of Volvo by the year 2020.

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