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The new Mazda 2 model arriving next year

In some of the most recent news today to make it's way out of the Japanese car company known as Mazda, we are delighted to report on the good news that one of the brands latest vehicle is all set for a release early on into next year and it makes it's way to you in the shape and form of the new Mazda2.


Over the years we have seen Mazda prove to be one of the finest sports car brands around the world and they have proven that they know what goes into a good all round performing vehicle. They have achieved much success over the years thanks to vehicles such as the likes of the MX-5 and the Mazda6. Since they were originally founded in 1920 they have proven to be an ideal source of competition for other top car firms such as the likes of German brand Porsche amongst many more. So what new features find their way into this particular car that could help it maintain a steady rivalry with some other big selling brands also?


The features and performance rates of the Mazda 2

So during this vehicles time in the manufacturing process we see that the Mazda firm have included a 1.5 litre,four cylinder,turbo diesel engine that helps this particular model hit an all round top speed of 110 miles per hour. With that being said we see that the inclusion of a six speed,manual transmission system as standard helps the car to produce 103 brake horse power and make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in around ten seconds flat.


Mazda have also kept up to date with technological advancements in the current vehicle industry which is why they have also included the additions of blind spot monitoring,a lane departure warning system,an all new heads up display,radar cruise control and an automatic high beam. With these new features included to the range, we believe that the new Mazda 2 will very much prove to be a top contending rival next year on the car market going head to head with the likes of the 207 from French manufacturer Peugeot.


How much will the Mazda 2 go on sale for?

Well although an exact release date is still yet to be confirmed directly by the mass manufacturer, we do know that this particular model will officially go on sale from early on into 2015. Now regarding how much you can expect this particular model to set you back when it does launch, expect to make the purchase for a total cost of around the £12,000 area.

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