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The Peugeot 2008 Hybrid Air to go on sale in 2017

The world of electronic vehicles on both new and used car markets is certainly boosting as the years go by. We have seen many big manufacturers have success with EV models lately some of which include the likes of Nissan with the Leaf and Toyota with the Prius. We think that the electronic market is certainly rising quickly and now the French car firm Peugeot are looking to have their brand even more recognised with an EV vehicle. That is where the 2008 Hybrid air model will come into play. This model is expected to go on sale around the world sometime in 2017.


Hybrid vehicles are on lower emissions and are better for the economy over the likes of petrol and diesel engines. With certainty we say that petrol and diesel engines will always be a big hitter on the car markets but Peugeot are hoping to increase brand recognition and recognition for EV models with this all new 2008 Hybrid air.


So what specs will the Peugeot 2008 Hybrid air consist of?

So what is that will help this particular Peugeot model stand out and make an impact on the EV market in 2017 and why should you give this particular Hybrid model a go over the likes of the i3 from BMW? Well it is expected that Peugeot's EV model will consist of a 1.2 litre, three cylinder turbo engine that will be joined along side by a hydraulic motor. Both engine and motor combined it is expected that the 2008 model will be set to put out around 121 brake horse power and develop 200NM of Torque. A planetary gearbox will also come along with this front wheel drive variant.


What will the Peugeot 2008 Hyrbid air go on sale for in 2017?

When the Hybrid air goes on sale from 2017, it is expected that this particular model will go on sale from somewhere around the £17,000 area. An exact date is still yet to be confirmed for this brand new Peugeot EV model but we do expect it to hit showrooms from sometime throughout the course of 2017.