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The new Porsche Cayenne S Diesel has arrived

In some exciting news today concerning the SUV/ large vehicle sector of the automotive industry, we are pleased to report on the official launch of a brand new diesel variant of the Cayenne model which has recently gone on sale here in the UK and across other European markets too. The Cayenne is one of the biggest selling family vehicles on the market right now and has been since the launch of the very first generation of the car back in 2003.


The Cayenne was the first Porsche model to use a V8 engine since 1995 when it was first used in the now discontinued 928 model. Some of the key selling points of the Cayenne in the past have been features such as comfort and power. With this brand new S Diesel variant of the car we see much of the same again. A range of Cayenne models are currently on offer right now but today we our focusing our attention on the new diesel unit which has been included with car during production time.


The power and performance rates put out from the new diesel engine

So regarding the diesel unit that has been fitted to the car, we see that this comes in the shape and form of a 4.2 litre,Twin turbo V8. With this diesel engine being placed into the Cayenne and combined with the eight speed automatic transmission system, we see a big power deliverance of 380 brake horse power produced.


An overall top speed of 187 miles per hour can be reached by the S Diesel model and we see that this is helped along by the quick time of 5.4 seconds in which it takes the SUV to hit 62 miles per hour from the get go. Some of the notable changes made to the exterior design of the car include two main features which consist of LED lighting and a brand new front grille too. Vehicle additions from Land Rover and other models such as the BMW X5 have in the past proven to be an ideal source of competition for the Cayenne and we see this being much of a similar situation with the S Diesel.


How much is the Porsche Cayenne S Diesel on sale for?

We are pleased to inform you of the good news that the S Diesel variant of the Cayenne is on sale right now and can be bought from Porsche dealerships across the country. As for how much you can expect to pay out for the car, expect to make the purchase for a total cost of £61,474.

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