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The new Vauxhall Corsa confirmed to go on sale this October

Some exciting car industry news today to make its way out of the British manufacturing firm known as Vauxhall, we are pleased to report that the brand have officially confirmed that their brand new Corsa model will go on sale here in the UK and across other various markets around the world from October of this year. The Corsa is one of the most recognised vehicles that Vauxhall have ever produced. Since the very first version of the car was debuted in 1982 it has proven to be one of the very best city cars available around the world. It has seen off competition in the past from some other big time city cars such as the Yaris from Toyota and the Renault Clio amongst many more.


Over the history of the car, we have seen the additions of four generations of the vehicle with the launch this October marking the fifth generation. Some features of the car will remain the same as the fourth generation vehicle which is known as the Corsa D,some of these features include the chassis and body structure. In terms of interior space for the car, the brand have not included a vast change as it measures around the same diameter of the previous addition to the range. The Corsa has been confirmed as the third best selling vehicle ever in the UK with 84,275 units of the car being sold over here just for last year alone. So lets take a look into what could very well help the Corsa maintain a good level of success for the future.


The new changes and features to come along with the brand new Corsa

So regarding what changes you can expect to find hidden underneath the bonnet of the car, Vauxhall have confirmed that they have included the fitting of a range of five different engines,these include a 1.2 litre petrol unit, a 1.4 litre petrol and a 1.4 litre, petrol turbo engine will also be made available. Perhaps one of the finest engines that will come along with the brand Corsa though is the warmly welcomed addition of a 1.0 litre, petrol triple engine which will see a total power development of 89 and 113 brake horse power outputs. You will be able to see this brand new engine line up in action before the Corsa arrives though as it will be included with the brands latest Adam model from next month. Stop start technology will come along with all variants of the new Corsa as standard equipment.


The likes of a heated windscreen,a tyre pressure monitoring system and hill start assist technology also come along with the new Corsa as standard. The vehicle will also be offered with optional pieces of equipment that could very well be seen as some key selling points for the vehicle. These options come in the form of Bi Xenon lights, LED daytime running lighting, a rear view camera,a lane departure warning system, a road sign recognition system and an advanced parking assist system are all optional extras. Vauxhall are hoping to take the spot away from the Ford Fiesta with this brand new addition to the Vauxhall family and given the features and the vast range of options you see come along with the car, we believe that the Fiesta could be in for a bigger battle than it has ever had in its life.


What will the brand new Vauxhall Corsa go on sale for?vauxhall corsa


Sadly the Vauxhall brand are yet to confirm a price tag that will come along with the car but this information has been confirmed to be revealed on the 2nd of October. Our very first glimpse of the brand new model will come live from the event floor at the Paris motor show with an on sale date coming just a few weeks after the event. 



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