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The Porsche Cayman, the best yet?

Over the course of their duration, the infamous and well loved German car firm Porsche have proven to be one of the finest automobile makers not just here in the UK but across other various parts of the world also.


They have manufactured many great vehicles such as the likes of the 911, which has recently received a makeover and, indeed the likes of the,panamera model but, perhaps none do it finer than the latest Cayman model to be released by the brand which is still going strong to this day, and stands on top of the hill amongst other big time rival brands such as the likes of, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Jaguar.


What makes the Porsche Cayman so special?


In regards to designing a truly phenomonal vehicle that can withstand the tests of time within both the new and used car industry, Porsche have really hit the nail on the head with this latest Cayman model and could be set to cement their legacy in the future of our car industry. With that being said though, what is it that makes the Porsche Cayman so special? Well firstly, we see the warm welcome additons of, a 2.7 litre engine which currently runs at 8,000rpm, making this one of the more powerful sports vehicles available on the market today.


In regards to some of the key components that we think could be a huge hit for the brand and the well loved car that has been taken under their wing, we see the warm welcomed inclusions of electronic power steering, six airbags, carbon ceramic brakes and adaptive cruise control. It is reported that the Cayman adds,plenty of boot space and power assisted steering. There is however an optional sports exhaust system that can be added to your brand new Porsche Cayman, but we must warn you that the vehicle will come with an additional cost for the sports exhaust system on top of the original invoice price.


How much will the latest Porsche Cayman set you back?


Well firstly in regards to an official launch date on the Porsche Cayman, we are pleased to report that you can officially purchase yours right now at your nearest selected Porsche dealership and you can expect to invest into your Porsche Cayman at a cost starting at £39,694.

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