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The Volkswagen Golf R Estate to be revealed this week

German car brand Volkswagen will be present at this weeks Los Angeles motor show and they will be displaying one of their brand new models for the first time ever officially at the event. The all new Golf R estate model was spotted testing on the track earlier on this year and since this time, the hype and anticipation for the vehicle has been exciting.


The Golf is one of the biggest selling ranges that the German auto-maker has to offer and given the addition of a variant with more space and power we think that the appeal of this vehicle when it is to go on sale will be nothing short of amazing. There is no word as of yet as to to when the vehicle will first go on sale but judging from the images released of the vehicle earlier this year, it looks like the car could be all set to go. Therefore we could expect a potential release time for next year.


What new features of the Volkswagen Golf R Estate should you know about?

The R range from VW is focused heavily on improving performance rates and power for their range which is why we think it is appropriate with this particular model to have a look into what power source is to be delivered when it comes to the Golf R estate. We see that a two litre,turbo charged engine unit will come fitted to this vehicle which is the same unit that can currently be found in the Golf R hatchback model. A 380NM torque development to all four wheels has been confirmed by the company with a power deliverance of 296bhp coming into play.


A top speed limit of 155 miles per hour much like the hatchback model will also come into play. Vehicles such as the Ford Focus ST model should therefore come into play as some competition for the car when it goes on sale and we can also expect to see the vehicle high up in the estate vehicle ranks with other models such as the Octavia estate from Czech car firm Skoda.


How much is the Golf R estate expected to go on sale for?

This more practical version of the Golf R hatch is expected to be put on sale from launch for a figure of around the £30,000 area. We expect to hear more on this and a future launch time for the car when the vehicle is displayed for the first time this week at the LA motor show.  

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