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Toyota and Honda still affected by the Takata recall and Audi recall their A8 and S8 range

The Takata air bag recall is proving to be a fatal part of the car industry as of late and other companies such as Nissan,Honda and Lexus have also been affected by these recent recalls. The issue has arisen due to the airbags fitted to certain vehicles not operating in the correct manner. A lot of countries where humid weather comes into play have been affected by these recalls due to the airbags exploding in some circumstances and then proceeding to fire shrapnel into the face of the driver.


Toyota have been affected by this over the past number of months and just over twelve hours ago, the company have also brought to the attention of customers that they are to recall even more vehicles due to the same issue. A further 50,000 vehicles have been recalled which include the Yaris, Rav4 and the Vitz. Six thousand of these vehicles are affected on the European market with other areas such as North America also being affected.


Honda's sales affected slightly after Takata recall


Honda are however the company that have been affected the worst by this recent recall, as at least five fatalities with the majority affecting Honda owners being confirmed over the past number of months. It has been stated by a company named Brand index that Honda's sales have dropped from around 28 percent in October to 26 percent this past week. We believe that this could be a result of the Takata airbag recall with many customers hearing negative things about the recalls and perhaps out of fear of the use of Takata air bags. These recalls have certainly had a negative effect on various manufactures with around ten companies taking in some of their vehicles to fix the defected part. A vast amount of Honda vehicles are affected including the popular Civic and the Honda Fit.


Audi confirm a recall on both A8 and S8 models


Many of the biggest selling brands around the world have announced vehicle recalls this week for a range of different reasons. Audi are one of these companies. The firm have announced that they are recalling a number of both A8 and S8 models due to a problem with the sunroof in the vehicle. The problem consists of an issue that if the door were to be slammed shut then the sunroof could potentially break and shatter. A large bump on the road or other rough road surfaces could also cause the same damage to the sunroof. The models affected have been confirmed to have been built between 2013 and 2014. Fortunately no accidents or injuries have been reported due to this problem.

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