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Volkswagen Group & Sales

Volkswagen Group & Sales in 2014


Last Year, the Volkswagen Group finished third in the worlds best selling car manufacturer race. The German firm finished behind the likes of General Motors and the world best selling car manufacturer, Toyota.


However, the firm have revealed that they expect to reach the 10 million new car sales mark four years earlier than predicted. The target was made at the beginning of 2013 and it seems in just less than 12 months they will have met a five year target. Whether the target was realistic enough considering rates of growth is unknown.


In the year of 2013, Volkswagen announced an increase in the sales revenue by 2.2% as well as selling over 9.7million new vehicles. The German manufacturer experienced a rise of over 400,000 new cars in 2012 alone.


The firm are strong front runners for the worlds best selling car manufacturer this year as the likes of Seat, Audi and Porsche look to further increase the success of 2013. The Volkswagen Group openly announced that they will be using a number of aggressive marketing techniques which will help the Audi and Seat brands achieve more and more sales.


Meanwhile, the Porsche brand are currently undergoing the transition from being a premium sports car manufacturer to a luxury mass market manufacturer. Porsche and VW themselves insist that there is a considerable amount more sales and more profit in the luxury car market than there is in a premium sports car market.


The likes of the Porsche Panemera constantly outsell the likes of the Carrera GT in markets across Europe. This year alone the CW Group have experienced a 4.7 per cent increase in new car sales in just January and February alone. This makes it more and more likely that the brand will achieve over 10 million new car sales this year.

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