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Volvo E Drive

Volvo Drive E


The Volvo firm have recently announced that they will be introducing a new E engine range that will be rolled out across all models in the range. The E drive developments at Volvo have been part of the firms push to develop more economical engines designed to reduce the running costs for the motorists.


The new high tech construction under the title of the E drive engines have been designed to micromanage the fuel going into the engine and therefore increasing the fuel economy of the vehicle.


The new technology will see a number of models fall into the tax free banding and therefore attract a number of new motorists towards a Volvo model. The Volvo brand has recently fallen behind in the race to become one of the markets leading brands and have struggled for sales across Europe and the UK in particular.


Volvo famously announced just under 24 months ago that they would not be developing a hybrid or electrically powered model due to the size of the target market. However, it seems that as the electric car market and the hybrid car market continue to increase in the number of sales, Volvo may hold a slight regret on the statement.


It has also been announced that the Volvo brand are currently trialling the KERS technology designed by a British company. The KERS technology has been present within the Formula 1 motor sport for a number of years now and seems to have inspired many of the teams and manufacturers involved to develop a similar technology.


However, the technology has only been used on models to increase the performance of a model rather than the efficiency. The Volvo firm have announced that the new trialled technology has the ability to both increase performance of the model and reduce the emissions on the model.


Whilst it seems that Volvo may have missed a trick by not developing the electric car or a hybrid model, it seems that the firm have achieved a considerable amount in the way of developments.

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