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A grand debut for the Audi R8 E-Tron

Electric vehicles have certainly made their presence felt on the automotive industry on a world wide scale. Over the years we have seen virtually every car manufacturer join the mix by launching one of these style of cars and we have also seen a brand in Tesla rise to fame with an electric vehicle and that of course being the Model S which is soon to be followed up by the Model X.  Audi are another company who have had a strong presence in this field over the years and without a doubt, they are certainly looking to make another impressionable impression on the world with their E-Tron range which now sees the welcomed addition of the R8. The amount of success this car could achieve is very exciting with the R8 and E tron vehicles being very very popular so combining the two could very well prove to be a great move for the German firm. The brand new model was revealed under the bright lights of the CES event in Asia yesterday.


What did Audi reveal about the new R8 E-Tron?

Audi confirmed a range of new technology that would be coming along with the new model but one area that has caught the attention of many car fans is of course the electric drive train used. Thanks to the battery and electric motor, the R8 E-Tron will be able to continue travelling for 279 miles from one single charge which will see them challenge Tesla in that respect. In total, 456 brake horse power has also been confirmed to be given out from the car.


In terms of the look of the electric R8,it shares many of the same looks and design structures as the standard R8 with that metallic Blue paint work and LED headlight designs. The main big upgrade is new cameras located around the car giving the driver a 360 degree view around the vehicle with sensors also found using radar and ultrasonic technology.


What more can we expect Audi to deliver on when it comes to the R8?

Audi have openly spoken about how they plan to upgrade their future range of E-Tron models and like many other car firms are doing right now, the use of lightweight materials on the body work and inside of the car are set to be a prime focus. A wireless battery charging feature is also now in development for E -Tron models in the future but a time frame for as to when we can expect to see the new technology become available has not been revealed as of yet. The R8 E-Tron could very well be the number one electric car on the market when it does make it into showrooms and we cannot wait to see just how well the new car performs.  

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