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BMW and Tesla stakes-GM recalls still needed-Volkswagen Beetle and Jetta recalls

BMW is one of the most well known and recognised car companies on a global scale. They have established themselves as one of the top car firms all around the world especially here in Britain where they have taken the lead for the tenth year in a row as the biggest seller beating both Audi and Mercedes to the punch. On the other hand we have a company who are famous for their Model S electric vehicle which has one of the best ranges from a single charge available on the market today Tesla.


Both companies have been in discussions over the past weeks with signs at the time pointing towards BMW buying a share in the Tesla company, now though it has been announced that BMW are not to buy stakes in the brand afterall. A spokesperson for the Tesla brand confirmed that there had been talks between both companies but there were no plans to agree to a unity of any form. In this case it looks for now that both companies will remain trying to outdo each other on the electric vehicle front with Tesla promoting the Model S and BMW selling the i3 all electric model aswell as the i8 hybrid sports vehicle.


GM recalls still suffering

General Motors have been in the news a lot this year due to issues with vehicle recalls. One of the biggest for the American firm commenced early on into this year with the announcement of around 800,000 of their models being recalled due to faults with the ignition system on certain models. Figures however now sure that there are currently nearly one million General Motors vehicles on the road right now that still have not received a fix due to their faulty ignition switches. With around 800,000 vehicles being recalled at the start of the year, that number has now spread to 2.5 million. The outstanding recalls are through no fault of General Motors as the company have urged all affected owners of these vehicles to have their cars brought back as soon as possible. GM are now working around the clock including weekend hours in order to help get these problems solved as soon as possible.


Volkswagen issue recalls on both Jetta and Beetle models

Both the Jetta and the Beetle are two of the VW groups biggest models on the market. The Jetta provides a great family driving experience whereas the Beetle is of course that classic VW model that we all know the firm for. The news regarding these models today however is that both of the vehicles are set to take part in a recall from the company. 442,000 models have been affected across the board and convertible Beetles are also affected. The problem rests within the rear suspension system on both vehicle ranges and Jetta models built between 2011-2013 and Beetles from 2012-2013 are to be brought back in. The trailing arms in the rear suspension system are the problem carrier which means that if the car were to take any collisions either on the side or at the back then this could potentially result in a fracture of the trailing arms leading to a potential crash or the vehicle not being stable on the road. Volkswagen have announced that if your vehicle is affected then they will be in touch to make you aware. The recalls are only in the United States for the moment but if you have one of these vehicles in the UK it is always worth checking with Volkswagen to make sure.  

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