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Audi reveal a brand new electric SUV model

Audi have revealed that they are set to produce a brand new SUV model which will come in the form of an all electric setup. The new model has been designed with the idea in mind of bringing some heated competition to the likes of Tesla Motors who are celebrating much success with their Model S and will look to gain even more attention with their new Model X. This will not be Audi's first go around as far as electronic vehicles are concerned as we all know the incredible success that they have achieved with their e-tron range. Electric cars have certainly become increasingly more popular as the years have gone by but Audi will produce this model and take it to the top of the list as far as going head to head with its competition is concerned?.


What do we know about the electric SUV so far?

Well the big thing we know about this forthcoming car is that on full electric power from a full charge,the vehicle will travel for a distance of three hundred miles before needing a recharge to the battery. Dr Ulrich Hackenburg has confirmed that the new SUV will take a new approach when it comes to the overall design and will not share looks with any other SUV in their line up which would include the companies Q range. The total travel distance was also confirmed by Hackenburg who said that a revealing of the new would be made sometime soon. The model is expected to be revealed as a new e-tron addition but as far as the actual name of the car is concerned, no statement has been given as of yet. This news all came from the Geneva Motor Show this week where the German firm took to the stage to reveal the second generation R8 model which has turned a lot of heads with new specifications revealed.


Is it to be a strong future for the new electric SUV?

So how is the future looking for this brand new SUV addition?. Well with Ulrich Hackenburg revealing that the new model will be shown sometime soon, this gives us the impression that the new model is in the midst of being produced and could very well be nearly ready for a concept phase display. A production vehicle would certainly be some time away but at this stage in time, it is a little difficult to tell as to when this could be. We are expecting to hear a lot more on this electric SUV over the duration of the next few months.  

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