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Audi reveal a brand new face lift to the A7 for 2015

German car company Audi recently have revealed information on a plan for 2015 regarding there A7 model. The company owners have stated that this vehicle will receive an all new face lift next year for 2015 which will consist of a brand new range of engine line ups and some additional pieces of equipment also. The Audi company are moving forward and taking big steps when it comes to newer models and technology advancement.


It has recently been reported that the company who are one of the most recognisable brands around the world plan to bring in a new line up of EV models to the roads in the near future too with the first set to make an appearance next year. Audi have certainly demonstrated their skills when it comes to crafting a perfect performing vehicle. The likes of the TT, the S1 and the A5 have demonstrated this well. It has certainly proven to be the case with the A7 also. So what will come along with the new facelift for the A7 model next year that should grab your attention?


The all new changes and upgrades to the Audi A7 for 2015

What is it that has been done to this particular vehicle during production time to help it when it comes down to sales figures and beating some top class competition from the likes of rivals such as BMW and Mercedes? Well if we have a look into the engine ranges set to go on offer, we see the additions of three turbo diesel models that will range in power output from 218 to 333bhp.


A 3.0 litre,TDi V6 engine will also come as an option to the new A7 line up next year and it is set to produce 218 brake horse power. The petrol variants of these engines will all come fully fitted with seven speed,dual clutch transmission systems.


It has also been reported that the addition of a 4.0 litre, V8 engine will also come as an option and it will produce somewhere around the 450 horsepower region. All variations of the car will be four wheel drive models and the 4.0 litre variant has been reported to hit the 62 miles per hour area in just a quick time of four seconds.


What will the new Audi A7 variant go on sale for?

It is expected that the brand new revised A7 model for 2015 will go on sale from a starting price of around the £41,000 area. An exact date for the release of this car is still yet to be confirmed but it is expected that this car will go on sale from the Summer time of next year.

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