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Audi reveal Q1 range toppers-The new Kia Optima revealed-Toyota Rav4 Hybrid announced

Toyota have given us Rav4 fans the treat that we have all been waiting for. The company have today released a new image online which shows that the Rav4 is set to receive the hybrid treatment. This is a change that we have been anticipating for the range and now the company have confirmed it. Unfortunately no news was given on the specifications of the new as the firm just posted a new image which shown the rear end of the vehicle with the Rav4 badging which was also joined alongside by hybrid badging. In regards to what new specs the car is set to carry, we will not have to wait long as the brand have stated with the image that the car will be revealed in full next week from the big motoring event that is taking place from New York on April 2nd.


Kia display their brand new Optima model

Kia have been spotted testing the new Optima over the months and there has been some speculation as to what we can expect to receive from the new model. Although all information was not revealed, the brand have released the first image of the car for us all to check out online as they have also revealed a reveal set for New York next week. The new image posted shows the new design direction in which the Korean firm are taking the model and also show it in a Red paint design with other colours expected to be offered too. The new carries two air vents at either end of the front of the car surrounded by chrome trimmings. Throw in some swept back headlights and a thin chrome design spanning the front end of the car connecting the headlights and the new Optima is looking very special indeed. It is clear that some design styling has been taken from the brands Sportspace concept design including the 'tiger nose' style grille. When the car launches here in the UK it is expected to be offered with a 1.7 litre turbo diesel engine. Other countries though will receive more options like turbocharged 1.6, 2.4 and two litre engines found in the Hyundai Sonata. Kia also state that they will be offering more in technology and space inside of the vehicle compared to that of the previous Optima. The new model debuts at the New York Motor Show next week.


Audi reveal their range topping Q1 models

The Q1 is set to be Audi's next addition into their Q range and there is much anticipation behind the car right now and some of its best features. Audi have confirmed that this new model will enter the market from 2016 and if you were wondering about the best highlights to come along with the car, fear not as we have you covered. The SQ1 and the RS Q1 have been confirmed to be the range topping additions into the new model family and Audi have come out and revealed the engines that will be taking their place of pride inside of these two particular models. First up on the agenda is the SQ1 which the firm have confirmed to be carrying a two litre Tdi twin turbocharged engine and 231 brake horse power is confirmed to be produced by this particular engine. The RS Q1 however carries even more power coming in the range of 310bhp all of which will be provided by a two litre TFSI turbocharged petrol unit. Audi have not said how much these new models will cost from the launch of the Q1 but we expect to hear more on this closer to the cars official time of launch.   

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