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Audi take the TT to the next level

Audi are a brand who have been taking part in this years Worthersee festival which is one of the biggest calendar events of the year for car fans. If you however are a fan of the Audi brand and their TT range then this could very well be the news that you have been waiting for. The German manufacturer has revealed their updated version of the TT which has been given the name of the Clubsport model. With an updated car such as this, you can also expect to find some new changes made to the exterior design of the car and that is exactly what Audi deliver on with the new Clubsport TT. They have also focused a lot of their work on their power delivered from the car which now sees new electric turbo technology used. If you're wondering just how much power the car gives out, well 592bhp should be well enough for any fan of the TT. All of this power from the car is sent directly from the fitting of a turbocharged unit carrying 2.5 litres of fuel.


How is the new Clubsport TT looking from the outside

Well all we can really say for the new model is wow. The new Clubsport gives the TT a look the likes of which we have never seen before from the range. Its got that big sporty look that you would expect to find from such a car with the latest images revealed displaying it in a White paint job. A large rear spoiler with Orange trimmings also fit perfectly with other areas of the car such as the Orange coloured door mirrors. It has also been designed with aero dynamic abilities in mind which can be clearly seen by the large air intakes featured at both sides of the doors.


What are Audi's plans for the future of the Clubsport TT?

Audi have not set in stone what exactly they are going to do with the new model as at this point in time it is just a concept vehicle. However, Audi chief Dr Ulrich Hackenburg has commented on the new model by saying that the same technology used in this vehicle is close to being ready for production for their range of TDI diesel engines but we could still be some distance off of the technology being used for Audi's petrol range. The brand will certainly have their sights set on the likes of the Fabia estate model which has been recently revealed by Skoda and a possible rival in terms of engine technology for the forthcoming Tesla Model X. As soon as we have any more information on the new designed concept we will bring you all the latest.  

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