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Bentley SUV for 2016-Vauxhall deny the Adam VXR-Lexus NX 200t

Bentley have today announced that their brand new SUV model will go on sale from 2016. The SUV which was recently given the green light last year after being displayed in a concept format has been given the name of the 'Bentayga'. The cost of the new SUV is said to be starting from around the £130,000 area and will be the first time that Bentley have ever offered a sports utility vehicle. Three ranges have been confirmed by Bentley to come along as a part of the package and the luxury car firm have stated that the vehicles will feature a V8,W12 and a hybrid powertrain. With the luxury car maker taking that leap into both SUV and electric vehicles, it is believed that the new 'Bentayga' will turn some heads and gather some sales in 2016.


Vauxhall deny an Adam VXR model

Vauxhall have been busy lately developing new VXR models which are more power focused versions of some of the biggest selling hatchbacks that the company have on offer. With the Adam S changing its name to the Grand Slam here in Britain, there were rumours circulating that the car could be next in line for the VXR treatment. Today though Vauxhall have put an end to those rumours by saying that there are no plans for an Adam VXR model to be made. Instead the company are looking at focusing their attention more on the likes of the Corsa and Astra which are both receiving the work. If you were hoping for an Adam VXR then these hopes have now been dashed sadly. They will release the new Grand Slam model later this year though which boasts some good steady power so that is certainly the one to keep an eye out for.


Lexus add two litre turbo engines to the NX range

Are you a Lexus owner living in the UK?. Are you thinking of purchasing a new NX or already own one?. Well then we have some terrific news for you. Lexus have today confirmed that they will indeed be adding their two litre turbo engine into the NX range in the UK. The engine will be a part of a new car named the NX 200t and it will make its first set of deliveries to UK customers this coming March. The engine will see 235 brake horse power produced and will be joined by a six speed,automatic transmission. The model has also been updated with some new technology features such as rain sensing windscreen wipers,heated seating,a reversing camera,hill start assistance,LED headlights and a total of eight airbags just to name a few. Prices on the car will begin from £29,495.

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