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Brabus go to to work on the Mercedes Benz V Class

The Mercedes V Class or Vito as the standard model is referred to as is a van produced by Mercedes Benz which has been in production since 1996. Since this time there has been only two generations of the van go on sale with the latest arriving in 2003. With us now twelve years later, the V Class could be looking a little outdated especially when it comes to going head to head with other rivals from Volkswagen and Peugeot. Therefore German tuning company Brabus have decided to make the V Class their latest project and they are to make adjustments to virtually every aspect of the van which will be shown in Geneva Switzerland this week. Brabus have a long standing partnership with Mercedes Benz and in the past have provided updates to looks and power for some of the finest ranges from the brand including the S Class family and the E Class range. So what new changes do Brabus provide for the V Class?.


A look into the updates made to the Mercedes V Class

So firstly we are going to start out with a look into the engine and performance tuning. A D4 performance add on is offered with the V250 BlueTec engine now boasting 232 brake horse power compared to that of the standard 188 bhp. 130 miles per hour can now be reached thanks to the Brabus work as a top speed limit. Now regarding the changes which have been made to the bodywork design of the V Class, we see that a new quad exhaust system has been included. Added air intakes, a redesigned rear bumper and a brand new spoiler are all hoped to make the model more agile and dynamic than ever before. An all new set of Monoblock alloy wheels are now also thrown into the mix and can be chosen in one of two sizes which include either eighteen or nineteen inches. New Alcantara leather and aluminium materials are all now featured in the cabin with the new Brabus model and we can also find carbon fibre fittings too.


If technology is more your kind of thing though,Brabus certainly deliver. In car internet is offered and is provided by a router installed into the vehicle. 4G connectivity is also offered in the updated V Class. Thrown in are two 15.6 inch display screens which can play Blu ray's and wireless headphones are also thrown in as part of the package.


Will the Brabus work prove the V Class a popular model yet again?

The V Class is still maintaining to be a strong player in the automotive industry without a doubt. With vehicles such as the Caddy and the Transporter from Volkswagen and the Boxer from Peugeot this host of new changes brought to the V Class could cement it as the best van on sale. Brabus and Mercedes will show off the new van this week in Switzerland.

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