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Citroen reveal some information on the all new Cactus model

The Cactus model from Citroen will be arriving in France in June of this year and will have a starting price of £13,000 in the United Kingdom.

The vehicle will have a starting price of €13,950 when it goes on sale later this year in France. Pricing in the United Kingdom has not been confirmed as of yet, though a Citroen UK spokesman allegedly exclaimed that this will equate to around £13,000 when it comes to the United Kingdom later this year in October.

This figure means that the Citroen C4 Cactus will undercut the standard Citroen C4 by £1,000-£3,000 throughout the Citroen range, with the price of the range topping Cactus model more than likely to rise to about £18,000.


What can you expect to receive with the new Citroen model?

This radical new Citroen model is looking to blend both B Segment running costs and the practicality of the C segment, which is why the model shares the 2.6 metre wheelbase with the Citroen C4, though is based on the DS3 underpinnings.

The Cactus model will be setting a new template for future Citroen C Line models, which will all be carrying on the simple interior design and technology and daring styling. The models will be lightweight also, the Citroen C4 Cactus entry level model comes in at 365kg less than the Citroen C4, though it does not come air conditioning as standard.


Some of the key features of the all new Citroen Cactus model

One of the vehicle's most striking features are the Airbumps that are featured on the sides and the front and rear bumpers. They are plastic bumps that are filled with air and act like a kind of bubble wrap that has been designed to try and stop damage that can be caused by collisions in low speeds. They are also able to be specced in a variety of colours, which adds extra personality to the vehicles.


There will be four engines offered from launch, these include two petrol three cylinder motors that develop 81 brake horsepower and 109 brake horsepower. Citroen claim that the entry level petrol model will emit just 82g of CO2 and will also return over 91 miles per gallon. There will also be two diesel 1.6 litre engines offered, which have power outputs of 91 brake horsepower and 99 brake horsepower.So with these perfect attributes in mind and some of the key selling points of the model itself, we highly believe that this all new addition to the range could be a great contending rival for similar vehicles from brands such as the likes of, Nissan, Toyota and Vauxhall.