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Ford Focus ST Hot Hatch of the Year 2012

Friday 15th March 2013 14:20:03

Ford Focus ST Best Selling Hatch in Europe


New figures revealed have shown that the Ford Focus ST model was in fact the best selling hatch back in Europe. Ford have endured the most successful 12 months in the long history of the US brand and have also announced the largest profit the company has ever seen.


The Ford Focus along with the Fiesta model dominated the majority of the European market and the UK in particular, as the pair ran out top two finishers for the years sale figures. The Focus ST model has achieved record results in the last couple of months of 2012. The Ford model accounted for a total 44% of hatch back sales between the months of October and December.  


The Ford Focus has seen 3,819 sales since it went on sale in the summer of 2012


The Ford Focus ST has seen a total of 3,819 sales since it went on sale in the summer of 2012. A total of three quarters of that figure is of the hatch back variety and the other quarter is the estate version. In terms of colours and the most popular of colours, the Ford Focus ST model offers a wide variety of colours and the most popular is the Frozen White colour with Panther Black in second. The loud colour of Tangerine is in third place and the Performance Blue is left feeling a little unpopular. The Blue colour was made exclusively for the Focus ST model and yet sales of the car in that colour are yet to have taken off.  


Following the success of the Ford Focus ST, Ford have recently decided to release a Ford Fiesta ST and expect the model to take off and shoot straight to the top of the charts in car markets such as the UK. The idea of a more sporty and quicker Ford Fiesta will appeal to the wider market and will already be attracting the friends and family of those who have the standard fiesta model. The plan to release the new Ford Fiesta ST will come as a counteraction to the release of the Vauxhall Adam.

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