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Ford in 2015-Mazda 2014 sales-Mercedes AMG GT Black Edition

Ford have outlined their plans for the 2015 year. The brand recently spoke of beginning over twenty five new projects around the world aimed at easing car congestion in cities with London being the first city to receive the new treatment. Projects like this will of course need a lot of funding and that is where Ford have planned ahead by sharing only eight driving platforms with other vehicles for the 2015 year. The company will also put a total of fifteen all new models on sale this year spreading across multiple countries. With the UK receiving ten of these models. The brand are looking to make more profit this year by selling even more vehicles than they did in 2014. Ford just missed out on the number one spot from the Fiesta which was outsold by the Vauxhall Corsa and with this new strategy coming into play from the American car firm, they will look to reclaim this top position once again.


A revealing for the Mercedes AMG GT Black Edition

The car has been spotted on numerous occasions over the past twelve months testing around the track under some disguise and now the addition of an AMG GT Black Edition from Mercedes Benz and AMG has been confirmed. Tobias Moers who is the design chief of AMG has said that the car is not to go on sale just yet as the chances are it will come closer towards the end of the ranges lifecycle. In another comment he also stated that with the Black Edition, both companies will be aiming at weight reduction,a more powerful driving experience and a finely tuned suspension system. Nothing has been announced by either side as of yet regarding how they are planning to do this but as soon as anymore information becomes available on the revealed AMG GT Black Edition we will have it right here at Shortfall.


Mazda make their claim on the 2014 year

Recent statistics revealed show that Japanese car firm Mazda have something to celebrate about as far as new car sales are concerned for the 2014 year. 175,028 vehicles were reported to be sold by the company for the twelve month period which means that new car sales for the firm had risen by nineteen percent compared to that of in 2013. It was a race to the top for two of the companies vehicles being the biggest sellers in Britain with the CX-5 claiming the number one position selling 58,000 units and the Mazda 3 clenched the second spot with 50,000 new car sales. Many companies are reporting record sales for 2014 with Mazda just the next to be added to that list. Much like other manufacturers though, can Mazda maintain this level of success continuing throughout the course of the next twelve months?.

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