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Ford put the brand new Fiesta ST3 model on sale

One of the Ford brands latest models for 2014 has officially arrived onto UK streets. This model from the company could prove to be a must own vehicle for any car fan this year and well into the future. The likes of the Focus, the Mondeo and the C Max are good selling cars that have indeed put Ford on the map and raised awareness of the company even higher over the past number of years.


You will notice though there is a certain vehicle we have missed off of that list and that is because that is the vehicle we are looking into today. Yes of course ladies and gentlemen it comes your way in the form of a brand new Fiesta variation. The Fiesta ST3 is the recently launched model onto our streets across the world but what does it consist of that helps it stand out and make an impact on both new and used car markets and why should you choose this particular model to purchase over anything else this year?


The changes and tweaks to the ST3 from Ford

So what has made the cut when it comes down to the production time on this particular addition to the Fiesta family and why could it still maintain it's place as a healthy source of competition for the likes of the Peugeot 208 and the Renault Clio ?.Well lets now take a look into what the Fiesta ST3 is capable of on our roads.


We see that the brand new ST3 variant is capable of reaching a top speed of 139 miles per hour and we see this performance helped along by the 6.9 seconds it takes to boost the ST3 to 62 miles per hour from the get go. 180 units of brake horse power is also the total put out from the insertion of the 1.6 litre,turbo engine that sits underneath the bonnet. The Fiesta ST3 is made available to you as a front wheel drive variant and it also comes with a six speed,manual gearbox as standard.


How much will the Ford Fiesta ST3 set you back?

In regards to the price tag that comes along with the Fiesta ST3, expect to make the purchase on this model brand new for a total of £19,250 and you can drive your brand new ST3 away from your local Ford dealership right now here in the United Kingdom and across other parts of the world also.  

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