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Ford SYNC3 on the way-Suzuki car pricing- Hyundai and Kia to reduce costs

Reports this week are showing us that two of the finest manufactures to come out of Korea Kia and Hyundai are looking at ways in which they can reduce costs for their vehicle ranges in countries all around the world. Statistics have shown that sales for both of the car firms have been lacking slightly in multiple countries aswell as the United Kingdom. With the lack of sales, profit for the two companies have also dropped for the fourth consecutive quarter. No information has been given as to how the two firms look to reduce these costs but it is believed that they are establishing ways to do so. It is not all doom and gloom for the two brands though as this year Hyundai will launch their new Creta suv model across markets globally and Kia are reportedly working on a new GT model which should help to bring in more sales for both companies and hopefully bring in more revenue for the two manufacturers.


Will Suzuki raise vehicle prices in the future?

Suzuki have made no secret about it, they are hard at work on making their engine range in their vehicles much more efficient and economically friendly. This has been demonstrated by the news of the firm developing their very first diesel engine earlier on this month. However the brand are looking to invest into new engine technology which will see them spend more finances on developing the technology especially in the United States where they are looking to comply with new state regulations which have been brought into play in California. There are also reports which suggest that a new hybrid model from the brand could also go on sale in the US to help comply with emission regulations. However this could mean that Suzuki could very well add to the cost of some their most popular models in order to make up for the finances they have spent on developing the new technology. There is a chance that these new eco friendly engines could also make their way to the UK further into the future which could mean prices rising here too. What do you think though, would you pay more for a more eco friendly vehicle?.


Ford SYNC 3 on the way this year

American car designers Ford have revealed that the next instalment of their popular SYNC in car technology will arrive later this year and will find its place first into the new Fiesta and Escape models. The SYNC technology has become a prominent feature in the firms cars over the recent years with some great offerings to drivers with its voice recognition software which allows the driver to operate their smartphone with voice functions and even send text messages by saying out loud the message they wish to type. Ford will of course bring new change to SYNC 3 which will see the system become much more responsive and rapid than the previous two additions and the operating system is also now handled by QNX rather than Microsoft. SYNC 3 arrives near the end of this year.  

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