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Suzuki Celerio repairs-Maserati Levante-Chrysler to leave the UK

Suzuki have now come up with a fix for the problem with their recalled Celerio range. The new range of Celerio models were all recalled due to a fault with the braking system when travelling at certain speeds. Other problems would also result in brake pads lighting on fire. At the time when Suzuki issued the recall,a total of thirty seven models were sold to UK customers and had to be recalled and any models in showrooms were also taken back in by Suzuki. The problem was very much a mystery for a while. The problem eventually was revealed to be with the brake pedal. A small fitting is located between the pedal and the ground which when put pressure on would become loose which would therefore result in a loss of brakes. The brand have however found a fix for the problem which contains the fitting of a new component replacing the older fitting which will be screwed in tight in order to make full use of the brakes. Suzuki are now working on the fix and customers should be receiving their repaired Celerio models sometime soon.


Chrysler set to leave the UK

After a long and prestigious history on the UK car market, Chrysler have announced their plans to withdraw completely from Britain by the year 2017. The company have announced that vehicles will be gradually phased out due to the lack of sales that currently happens for the brand over here. Many models which were popular at one time or another have already been dropped from the brands line up which include the Grand Voyager. In fact there is only one vehicle left on the road here in the United Kingdom produced by Chrysler and that is the Ypsilon. With plans to phase out by 2017, we could see a complete removal of the company even earlier with just the one car left remaining. Chrysler will still continue to sell cars in other countries world wide but were afraid for us, that's the last of what we can expect to see on the road.


The Maserati Levante on the way this year

Some exciting news today coming to us from the Maserati brand who have announced that their brand new suv named the Levante will officially go on sale from later on this year. The original thought was that the company were going to offer the car late on into the course of next year but this now is obviously not the case. Amongst this big news also came the news of Maserati's specification line up for the engine range. Three engine offerings are expected to become available. First is to be a V6 sized,three litre petrol,A 3.8 litre twin turbocharged unit is also confirmed for the car in V8 size and the main big seller here in Europe is expected to be the three litre, V6 turbo diesel. An eight speed, automatic transmission system has also been confirmed to find a place inside of the vehicle. This brand new luxury suv joins a future line up which will include a new suv from Rolls Royce and the Bentley Bentayga.  

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