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Kia unveil the brand new Rio model for 2015

Each year the Paris motor show delivers on some amazing vehicles and announcements regarding the automotive industry all around the world and this year will certainly be no different. The build up to the Paris motor show is also exceptional each year and today just three days away from the Motor show, Korean manufacturer Kia have been making the headlines again by revealing their brand new Rio model for next year.


The Rio is one of the biggest selling city cars on the market right now, not just for the Kia brand but for the automotive industry in general. We first seen the Rio make its presence felt in the year 2000 and over the course of the past fourteen years we have witnessed three generations of the car go on sale around the world.


What new parts, accessories and specifications have been revealed?

The vehicle has received some changes made to both the interior and the exterior of the car whereas the engine line up for the vehicle will remain unchanged from the current Rio model that is on sale right now. First of with a look into that engine range that comes along with the car, we see the additions of four petrol and four diesel units. A choice of two 1.25 litre petrol units are on offer and two 1.4 litre units too. Regarding the diesel line up to come along with the vehicle, we see three 1.1 litre CRDi diesel variants on offer and your alternative choice is the 1.4 litre CRDi. All come with a standard manual transmission system whereas the 1.4 petrol unit is fully automatic.


Now with a look into those brand new changes that have been made to the exterior of the car, we see that the fittings of a brand new front bumper and grille are some of the key selling points. Front fog lights, a revamped rear bumper and brand new paint designs including Blue and Yellow are also some attractive features for the Rio in 2015. A brand new chrome trim has been included for the dashboard of the car and brand new on-board technology is included in the form of an audio/video navigation system with also comes along with a seven inch screen located in the cabin.


An optional stop start system can also be chosen for the Rio at the time of purchase. The Rio is one of the biggest selling super mini models on offer today and in the past we have seen it go up against some of the biggest and brightest super minis like The Fiesta from Ford and the Vauxhall Corsa. Can these new changes made to the car prove to be enough when it comes to taking on the competition once more? We certainly have no trouble in believing that the Rio will still lock horns with some of the best.


When will the new Kia Rio officially arrive?

An exact date of launch is yet to be revealed by Kia however, it is expected that the vehicle will be put on sale here in the United Kingdom from the Spring time of next year. Prices are expected to stay around the same area of the current Rio which comes in at £11,995.  

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