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Further Takata recalls-the Porsche Cayman GT4-McLaren Super Series production

Takata air bags have been dominating the headlines over the past year and not for good reasons at all. A fault with the air bags across a range of different manufacturers has resulted in recalls spreading into the millions area all around the world. The airbags exploding and firing shrapnel into the face of the driver and passengers has even resulted in fatalities. Companies such as Honda, Lexus and recently Jeep with their Cherokee models are just some of the companies that fit these airbags to their cars. It was announced over the weekend in America however that even older vehicles will now be taken into consideration with the use of these airbags which will see another 2.1 million vehicles affected. Honda, Fiat and Toyota have been confirmed to be the companies recalling these further models. Recent reports as recent as January the 18th have been reported resulting in a fatality in Texas in America. This is still a big problem for the car industry and with more added to the list, we could very well see the Takata recalls continue further throughout the course of this year.


The all new Porsche Cayman GT4

Porsche have today revealed their brand new addition into the Cayman range making its way to you in the form of the brand new GT4. So far the vehicle has only been advertised for the American market with a cost coming in from $84,600 equivalent to around £55,733. It will be revealed for the first time in the flesh from the Geneva Motor Show in one months time and will then go on sale in Germany during the same month. No comment has been made as of yet regarding when the vehicle will be available in the UK. Porsche have however revealed some of the specifications to come along with the powerful model consisting of a 3.8 litre engine which will allow the car to produce 380 brake horse power and hit out at 183 miles per as a top speed limitation. Leather and Alcantara fittings inside of the cabin,carbon ceramic brakes and carbon fibre seating will be just some of the fittings as standard and optional extras too. More on this story and its launch in the UK as and when the news is revealed.


McLaren hit 5,000 Super Series models

McLaren are one of the worlds finest and most recognised super car designers all around the globe. They have achieved phenomenal success over the years and a recent statistic which has become available shows that the brand are celebrating even more success this week. The firms Super Series range began production four years ago and the brand this week announced that they have built 5,000 of these vehicles since this time. There are only three vehicles that hold a place in the Super Series line up and these are the 12C, the 625C and of course the popular 650S. The firm confirmed that at the Geneva Motor Show in a months time, they will be introducing a new vehicle called the 675LT which will be the fourth addition into the Super Series range, so expect to see the production figures for the Super Series rise over the next few years.  

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