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McLaren's baby P13 coming next year

When McLaren Automotive launched the MP4-12C three years ago, the model was the most affordable McLaren yet. It was cheaper than the McLaren F1, cheaper than the SLR the company made for Mercedes-Benz and cheaper than the racing machinery that McLaren is known for. From there prices rose, with the 12C Spider arriving with a higher list price than the coupe, the P1 higher than that and the 650S slotting in between.


The McLaren P13 rumours


The new flagship P15 is already in the works and will be cheaper than the P1 model, but still higher priced than the 12C and 650S. The next project in the manufacturer's pipeline is a baby McLaren, dubbed the P13. The P13, or whatever it may be called when it reaches production, is predicted to be a two door supercar based on the same carbon Monocell that underpins the rest of the company line up but is unlikely to be smaller than the 12C.


Whenever the model does debut, power will likely come from a detuned version of the same 3.8 litre twin turbo V8 and seven speed DCT the company developed with Ricardo for the 12C and which has in some form or another powered every McLaren model since. Previous reports suggest the powertrain will produce around 450 to 500 brake horse power.


Comments on the McLaren P13 supercar


McLaren stated that, “Guessing that its styling might be influenced by P1's, or indeed a 650S is as obvious as saying it'll have two seats.” They also stated that the vehicle, “will be offered in more than one bodystyle.”


In comparison to the other McLaren models, the P13 should be cheaper and McLaren communications chief, Wayne Bruce, confirmed that when it goes on sale in the American market, the P13 will carry a sticker price starting, “from around two thirds of what a 12C would cost you today.” This would place it at around $160,000 making it sit between the latest Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S of the V10 and V10 Plus versions of the Audi R8.


With McLaren managing to produce a new supercar each year, having just unveiled their new 650S model this year and the P15 being a few years off, the P13 could enter production as early as 2015.

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