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How Hyundai have climbed the ranks in 2014

2014 has been a successful time for Korean car company Hyundai, we have seen them turn a lot of heads for car fans all around the world and they look to take this momentum that they have right now with them through into 2015. The firm have made many interesting developments this year which look to change the face of the company as we know it. The firm have changed the way in which cars could be sold in future and changes to their range which could benefit them for the future. One of the latest in news stories from the company though is the addition of brand new technology in which the company announced just last week.


The new tech will be displayed at the CES event next month. The new gadget allows the driver to link up to a seven inch screen via Android and Apple devices which will then allow them to music stream,surf the internet via apps, use voice recognition to activate systems in the car and other features. A brand new 'BlueLink' system has also been introduced and has been confirmed to run on a 4g data connection. This will allow the owner to access things such as the conditioning of their vehicle in terms of overall health.


Other features such as the cars climate control system are to be controlled by the system too. We would expect that features such as air conditioning would also be controlled by the new tech. Hyundai are yet to comment on which vehicles will receive the technology but we do know that the plan is to see this technology introduced into their range in two years time.


The worlds first digital dealership

The company are looking to change the way in which vehicles are sold in the future. The firm have recently made history in the second half of this year by opening up the car industries very first digital dealership. The new showroom was opened up in the Bluewater shopping centre located in Kent and is the first of its kind. The showroom is located in a shopping centre and is designed to make car buying easier and much quicker. The company have reduced the staff count for the digital dealership in hopes of having the customer have more control in just what it is they are looking for.


Staff are however on hand for any assistance if needed. Features such as booking a test drive and selling their previous vehicle are just some of things that the customer can now do in the showroom via technology systems. This is a big step forward for Hyundai who look to change the way in which car buying is done but will their method carry forward to other companies into the future also?


The Veloster is no more

Two weeks ago the company announced that they are officially axing the Veloster model which went on sale three years ago. The model will be removed from the companies range here in the United Kingdom due to poor sales on the car overall. The company announced that the model will be dropped from their line up in order to make room for a new turbo version of the i30. It is of course disappointing to see a vehicle dropped from the range but if the i30 turbo is to take the car industry further down the line and help Hyundai to celebrate more success, we are all for it.

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