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Hyundai develop new 3.3 litre engine-Porsche in Geneva

Korean manufacturer Hyundai have been hard at work on developing a new engine for some of their future vehicles. The company have confirmed the development of the engine unit and have confirmed it to be a 3.3 litre unit which will also come twin turbocharged. The engine has been given the name of the V6 Turbo Gdi. One of the first vehicles expected to use the engine could be the Genesis range which is one of the most popular selling Hyundai models on the road today. Thanks to the new work made to the engine, we see that compared to the standard turbo engine, torque has been updated now coming in at 513NM. The standard non turbo engine used in the Hyundai Genesis produces 311 bhp but the new technology has been included which sees a climb by 27 bhp now resulting in 338bhp. As soon as any more developments in this story are issued, we will keep you upto date with all of the latest.


New images show the Porsche 911 interior setup

New images have been made available online via a leak which shows the direction in which Porsche have taken with their revised 911 model. The images which have been posted show us a leather interior which consists of both the seats and the steering wheel which also carries controls and is multi functioning. A large centre touch screen is also clearly visible from the images. Electric windows and chrome trimmings around the gearstick and door handles can also be seen. Changes made to the exterior design show us three dimensional lights at the back end of the car,a new bumper design and LED daytime running lights. One of the big features of the new 911 though is the switch that can be seen inside of the car which will operate the driving models available. Electric power and numerous hybrid options are just a part of the choices. The new car can be seen for the first time in Geneva Switzerland next week.


Porsche to bring a surprise to Geneva

Porsche are back in our post now with more news concerning Geneva, the company have come out and stated that they will be bringing along their new Cayman GT4 model to the big event next week but they also say they have a surprise for everybody at the show but remain tight mouthed on what the new model will be. It is expected that the mystery model will be an updated version of one of their most popular ranges which could span anywhere from the Spyder to the Boxster or maybe something different. Whatever the vehicle turns out to be, we know to expect some high performance as the firm have said this model will be a car that sets new standards when it comes to the track. We will be paying attention to this story very closely and will report back with any updates as soon as we have them.  

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