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New Kia concept-the 2015 Hyundai Genesis-Suzuki S Cross updates

Over the past twenty four hours, Suzuki have confirmed that their SX4 S-Cross vehicle will be all set to receive the fitting of an eight speed automatic transmission this year. The infotainment system in the new vehicle has also been updated too. This brand new infotainment system will allow the driver to connect their smartphone up to the system which will then allow them to control the phone via the touch screen located inside of the centre console. Suzuki have announced that this updated model will become available for purchase from this coming July. The price tag to come along with the car is yet to be revealed by the brand but we expect the car to carry a cost somewhere around the same figure as a current S Cross diesel which goes on sale for £16,999.


The new Genesis arriving this April

Aswell as the Suzuki updated S Cross, Hyundai are also set to introduce their brand new Genesis model onto the road this coming April. The demand is expected to be large for the new Genesis as the Korean manufacturer have announced that the vehicle will only be available to customers in the UK in limited amounts. There was some mystery surrounding the price tag that would come along with the car and some of its specifications but today Hyundai have revealed all about the new model. A V6 petrol unit carrying a capacity of 3.8 litres has been confirmed to come along with the vehicle and with it being matched up to an eight speed,automatic transmission system, the new Genesis will achieve the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a good steady speed of 6.8 seconds in total. It may be the new features included that help the new Genesis stand out though and some of our personal favourites for the car include an eight inch touchscreen infotainment system,a camera in the car also gives a 360 degree view of around the vehicle. An emergency braking system is now also fitted inside of the car too. Hyundai have also chosen to adapt new technology into the exterior design of the car too by fitting xenon headlights. Prices for the new Genesis will kick off from £47,995.


Kia tease their brand new concept vehicle

Kia said earlier in the week that they would be revealing a teaser image and some new information regarding an all new concept vehicle that would be displayed for the very first time from the Chicago Motor Show next month and the company have not failed to deliver. The brand have released a teaser image of what shows the front side view of the new model testing out in the snow. It shows a White paint design,Black bumpers and Red spoked wheels. The only information specification wise that the firm revealed was that the car will be an electric, all wheel drive vehicle. Nothing more is known about the car for the time being and is being kept very much a mystery. We will know a lot more about the vehicle however from the Chicago Motor Show next month.  

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