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Subaru sales in China-Mitsubishi tease for Chicago-Toyota still number one

Subaru sales have not been at their best recently over in China. The Japanese auto-maker have been seeing a slow decline in new car sales on the Chinese market for the better part of a year now. Just above a six percent rise in new car sales for Subaru was reported last year which is down by over seven percent compared to the sales achieved in 2013.


Subaru made a decision to not build a factory in China and the demand slowing down drastically does not make this any easier for the market. Subaru have however achieved some good sales on the American market which is where they seem to be focusing a lot of their attention on new car sales and production. News reports suggest that Subaru were offered the chance to build a factory in the country and begin the production of models there but for unknown reasons, the brand did not begin the developments. With 60,000 Subaru units expected to sell this year, this would give an added boost for the Chinese market in their success with the brand.


An all new Mitsubishi or the return of a big seller?

Mitsubishi have been in the news this week for their last ever Evolution model going on display ahead of a possible launch after the concept phase. The brand have made more headlines today though by revealing a picture of a sand dune with a shadowed vehicle at the top of it and have also said that a legend is returning hinting to the car. The brand have said that it will go on display at the Chicago Motor Show next month but there is a lot of mystery surrounding it right now as to whether it will be a new model or a concept design we have previously seen before. At the big motoring event in Tokyo two years ago, the company revealed the concept version of their GC-PHEV and rumours are running rampant that it could be this vehicle in a production form making an appearance. We are excited to see just what the car is from the Chicago Motoring event occurring next month.


Toyota remain the worlds number one

News reports were suggesting a number of days ago that the Volkswagen Group were now the number one new car seller in the world. Today though even more results have came in from sales and 2014 activity which actually shows that Toyota have still managed to keep on the top spot. Toyota show that they have made an epic number of sales in 2014 by selling 10.23 million units globally over the course of twelve months. The final figures revealed that he VW group sold 10.14 million so just missing out narrowly. Therefore, the Japanese firm have stated that in countries except their home country of Japan which dropped in sales, they have seen a two percent increase on new car sales across all other countries world wide.  

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