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Is the Mclaren 650s Spider the finest sports machine out there ?

In a look today at some of the most influential sports machines available on the market today, we have our sights set on the well known car manufacturer McLaren and one of their latest vehicles, the 650 s spider.


Over time McLaren have become one of the finest sports car designers around the world and although some models are on the pricey side,they have still proven to be so performance driven that other top brands have a hard time maintaining to their standards. So what is it about this all new McLaren model that truly makes it stand out in the car world and, why should you choose to make the investment into one of these models if the price range is right for you?


The key selling points and features of the McLaren 650s spider

So firstly what is it about this car that makes it something special in a sports car world where the likes of Ferrari, Porsche and Jaguar are front runners too? Well firstly as you may have guessed again..this car is performance based and we see a number of these unique qualities come from the engine and its performance rates. So to begin with we the inclusion of a 3.8 litre, v8 Twin turbo engine that overall produces 641 brake horsepower with top speeds reached all round of 204 miles per hour. We see the Spider make the overall leap from zero to 62 miles per hour in a time of three seconds flat. The 650s spider is only available as a rear wheel drive variant but does also benefit from a seven speed,dual clutch,automatic transmission system.


What is the selling price of the McLaren 650s Spider?

Well firstly before we jump into an expensive price tag, we are pleased to inform you that you can make the purchase on this Spider model right now in select dealership's around the world. In regards to that price tag, it doesn't come cheap as you can expect to pay a cost of £215,250 for this brand new Mclaren 650s Spider.

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