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Lexus issue a recall on 10,000 vehicles in the United Kingdom

It appears that the Lexus brand are the next car firm to join the line up of recalled vehicles. A total of just under ten thousand Lexus models have been recalled in the UK alone due to a problem with a faulty fuel delivery pipe. These recalls affect a range of Lexus models on the road right now with some of the recent IS,GS and LS models also being affected. Around the world the brand have issued the recall on 759,000 vehicles for the same problem. This comes just days after Toyota also issued a recall of their own.


Which Lexus models are affected and what to do if your car is affected

Black Lexus RCF at Shortfall

There are a vast range of Lexus vehicles affected by this recall and the cars included are the IS 250,IS 250C, IS F, GS 300, GS 460, GS 450h,L


S 600h, LS 600hL and the LS460 too. If you own one of these Lexus models and the vehicle was built between January in 2005 and September of 2010, expect to hear from Lexus who will notify you to take your car to the nearest Lexus dealer and the work on the car will take from roughly three or four hours.


The firm have stated that the cars are still safe to drive but drivers are urged to get their vehicle checked out. You can check however if your Lexus vehicle is affected by this recall. If you go to the owners section of the official Lexus website, owners can look up their registration number to see if they are affected. Fortunately at this moment in time, no accidents or injuries have been reported the company regarding the issue.


How are recalls affecting the sales rates for the manufacturers?

General motors have been a main focal point as of late with a lot of vehicle recalls taking affect. It was announced a number of weeks ago that both Corsa and Adam models from the Vauxhall brand are being recalled and of course much from the same from the Toyota brand. Will this new recall take an affect on Lexus as so many vehicles are affected?. Lexus are one of the most loved companies on the car market right now and have a great reputation for producing comfortable, luxurious driving experiences so with a recall of this standard affecting the Lexus firm we think that sales on these vehicles wont be affected to much.


Blue Lexus RX450h at Shortfall