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Lexus release the new IS300h executive trim

The Lexus brand who are also owned by Toyota have proven to be one of the best sports car designers over the years. They have models go on sale over the years that have consisted of perfect combinations of both powerful performances and luxury. The IS300h is one of the biggest selling models that the manufacturer's have on sale right now and we believe that the addition of this all new executive trim for the model could very well prove to be a welcome addition to the line up and could help boost sales figures and popularity by a long way.


The IS300h has proven to be some top flight competition going up against the likes of the Audi A4 amongst others. So what is that this is300h executive trim has to offer you that could benefit you?


The new features that come along with the Lexus is300h executive trim

So what brand new features for the is300h come along with this new trim setup that could help it make an impact and hold an edge over some competition such as BMW with the 3 series? Well engine wise we see the addition of a 2.5 litre, four cylinder that also runs along side a brand new electric motor. Overall we see 181 brake horse power produced from this engine and motor combined and we also see this new trim help develop 221NM of Torque.


There are some additional pieces of equipment that are carried over from the first model also and we see the features carried over include both rear and front parking sensors, 17 inch alloy wheels, Xenon headlights and the cruise control system. Now a dual zone climate control also comes along for the ride and is joined along side by the additions of rain sensing wipers.


What's the price range on the new trim for the Lexus is300h ?

The official price region to come along for the is300h trim comes in at a starting price of £29,995. The all new trim and all of it's features are available right now with the purchase of the Lexus is300h.

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