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London Angry Drivers

Road Safety Report - London


According to a recent survey, the United Kingdom's Capital city is home to the angriest driver's in the country, with 63% of London drivers who took part in the survey admitted that getting behind the wheel makes them angry and aggressive.


The most common reasons for bad moods of drivers in the capital were traffic jams, with 45% of those surveyed admitted this gets them angry, 34% said that it was pedestrians and cyclists who bring out their aggression and 33% said that it was waiting at traffic lights and junctions. As well as being very congested, London is home to some of the best selling dealerships in the country with Ford models and Vauxhall models leading the sales figures.


Delivery drivers and lorries also accounted for 26% and other drivers bad manners came in with 24%. Other recorded sources of anger for drivers across the United Kingdom included bad parking at 22%, people who drive slowly 17% and parents doing the school run accounted for 12% of the responses to the survey.


The same drivers, however, who admitted that they become angry with others also said that they would flash their lights at other drivers in an aggressive manner, make rude hand gestures, sound the horn, shout and even 1% said that they would get involved in a physical confrontation.


The survey also discovered that drivers in the North of England and the Scottish Highlands were the least likely to suffer from anger whilst driving. The survey noted that there are still a number of big cities in the north, like Sheffield, Leeds and Newcastle, though drivers seem to be a lot more courteous up north than they are in the South of the United Kingdom.


The survey also said that every driver is in charge of a piece of machinery that weighs up to two tonnes and so it is there duty of care to ensure that it is operated safely and this can't be done when someone is angry.

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