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Mercedes confirm the revival of the Maybach name

Mercedes have today confirmed the official revival of the Maybach name for their vehicles. Speculation has been running high for a number of months now regarding the firm re introducing the Maybach name and today it has been officially confirmed. Maybach were a luxury car designer and were originally founded in 1909. Production ended on their vehicles in 1940 until 1997 when Mercedes brought back the name for a short period to the point where the cars production was ended in 2011.


Now though the firm have announced that they are bringing back the vehicle. It has been confirmed that live from the Los Angeles motor show next week,Mercedes will bring a brand new Maybach model to the event and it is marketed under the name of the S600. It will share some similar features to that of the companies S Class range and will benefit from an equal amount of both power and comfort.


What kind of power does the S600 Maybach model possess?

So we will now first look into the power and how well this revival of the Maybach name will run on our roads. We saw that the car brand have included the fitting of a 6.0 litre,V12 engine. A total of brake horse power will be developed from the S600 and a torque development of 830NM is also delivered. The vehicle also gains some height compared to that of the standard S Class. The interior of the vehicle is also leather all round with no plastic fittings whatsoever. The vehicle has also received some alterations in length compared to that of the standard S Class, with the car measuring an extra 200mm than the S Class. In terms of the entire comfort aspect of the S600, we believe that this particular model could be a top competitor for some Bentley vehicles when it comes to going head to head on a comfort and design structure.


It has been stated by Mercedes that the S600 will officially go on sale from the Spring time of next year with an exact date to be announced closer to the time. The cost of the vehicle is also expected to range around £130,000. Only 600 units are expected to become made available here in the United Kingdom.


Are Mercedes to release anymore Maybach models?

The simple answer to that question is yes. The firm have announced that they will also introduce an S500 and S400 Matic model onto our roads in the future. The S500 will receive the fitting of a V8 engine. Other Maybach models are unconfirmed at this moment in time though for other Mercedes vehicles.


The boss of Mercedes Sales and Marketing has stated that “We have no further plans for other Maybach models”. “This model has its own body shape and the highest levels of exclusivity. An A45 AMG works with the A Class, but its not the same with Maybach”.


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