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Mini reveal all on the new John Cooper Works model

Mini have spoken out about their brand new John Cooper Works model which will go down in history as the most powerful Cooper model that Mini have ever had on offer. The brand confirmed a range of specifications for the new car aswell as giving an announcement on the price tag that will also come along with the model. Mini have always had a great reputation for the success of models such as the Clubman, Paceman and the original Mini. The Cooper however in our opinion, is in a league of its own. It is one of the standout vehicles that the company produces and the firm will be certainly looking for even more success than ever before with the launch of this brand new model. What features will help to make this dream a reality though and what kind of special attributes can we expect to find inside of the new Cooper when it goes on sale?.


The special features and attributes of the new Mini JCW

So first and foremost, the power of the car is the big question and that is where we can confirm that underneath the bonnet you can expect to find the addition of the turbocharged, two litre engine which is to make history by giving out 228 brake horse power overall. Some things remain the same with the car such as the manual six speed transmission. An automatic version will however be an optional extra. Overall top speeds have been confirmed to make their way to you in the form of 153 miles per hour. Mini will look to make this one of the best driving experiences that they offer and we feel that they will achieve this well thanks to the fittings of Brembo brakes,traction control, stability control and a differential lock control setup.


In regards to how the car looks, you can tell the firm have made this model something special by including features like LED headlights, a sports style exhaust system and an all new spoiler fitting. Much like the outside is, the inside is also looking pretty trendy. Examples of this can be found with the multi functioning steering wheel,gear shift paddles and steel pedal designs that we can find in a lot of hot hatch models these days.


Does the new Mini JCW have the potential to go on to big things?

Without a doubt in our minds, yes it does. This could very well be not just the most powerful but the best Cooper model to ever be manufactured by the company. Another good point about the car is that for so much good equipment and ability, the new JCW is also reasonably priced with a figure of £23,050 being announced for the car when it goes on sale here in the United Kingdom.  

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