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New Renault showroom in Cambridge-GM ignition switch recalls-Latest Honda news

General Motors have added to their count on recalls for faulty ignition switches in some of their vehicles which began with recalls last year. Today it has been reported that the American company have added a further 101 units to the list. Already over 112 accidents,injuries and fatalities have been announced by General Motors due to the problem and with the majority of the models being Chevrolet vehicles. At this moment in time, General Motors are in the process of checking through over seven hundred claims due to the fault which could see one of the largest payouts from a car company ever. We will keep you upto date with all of the latest on the ignition switches as and when it becomes available.


Renault Cambridge dealership changes hands

The Renault and Dacia dealership located in Cambridge has been now taken over by the John Banks Group. The news has broken that the current showroom is due to be taken down and a new and more modern showroom is to be built. The purchase comes after the John Banks Group purchased it from 'Wests'. John Banks Group currently open a range of dealerships in the United Kingdom with Suzuki. A showroom will be set up close to the area for the company to trade out of whilst the new premises are being built up. The new showroom is expected to be up and running within twelve weeks commencing the beginning of the work and will be located on Swann Road Cambridge.


Honda take to the stage in Detroit

Honda have taken part in a press conference in Detroit this week and have given their fans some of the latest updates on new projects that they are currently working on. One of the big developments is that the firm are currently hard at work on developing all new VTEC turbocharged engines. The brand have confirmed that the new engines are being developed in Ohio America and see their first taste of action in models in America first this year. There is no word on which vehicles will receive the new VTEC's but we can expect them to become available in Britain and in other areas of Europe also. Honda have also commented on the arrival of a new plug in hybrid vehicle but specifications and features have not been highlighted as of yet. We do know that they are developing new powertrain ideas for the car though. More on this news story as it is made available.  

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