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New updates are added to the Kia Rio for 2015

The Rio is one of the most successful selling vehicles that Korean car brand Kia have on offer right now. It is a good selling city car which has been in existence for the past fifteen years with the most recent third lifecycle for the car beginning in 2011. It is the same third generation model that is still in existence today and the company announced that this year they will be bringing a mid life facelift for the car which will see the vehicle kitted out with a different body design and plenty more added pieces of kit. The great news here is that the updated Rio model is on sale now. The model was first shown in Paris back in October which is where we seen the new parts and changes to come along with the vehicle and they have all carried through the production process with the vehicle and deliver an exciting driving experience on the road right now.


New features both inside and outside of the Kia Rio 2015

First off we will begin with the engine range. For those expecting a whole choice of new engines, were sorry but the new Rio will only carry over the same engine line up from the current Rio. This is not a bad thing though as the Rio boasts both petrol and diesel engines. Trim levels come in the plenty with new added features being added each time. For standard models though, the bodywork has received some adjustments and changes boasting new fog lights and chrome fittings,both of the front and back bumpers will also receive some changes in styling.


The inside of the car also receives some adjustments coming in Gloss Black materials but higher up spec levels offer added equipment technology wise such as the fitting of a built in, seven inch touchscreen navigation system. It is the top of the range model though where we think the newly updated Rio shines. The seating is made from leather and is joined by a heated steering wheel to help warm up your hands during these cold winter days. A keyless go system is also added with the range topper. Throw in some LED daytime lights,cruise control and a choice of either sixteen inch or seventeen inch alloy wheels and you have a car that could hold a firm place amongst its supermini competitors on the road.


What cars does the new Rio rival and how much is it on sale for?

In terms of the competing cars that the new Rio will be looking to go head to head with, in terms of technology and features, the model holds a good strong place amongst other vehicles on the road which all carry the same modern day features. It is often power wise were supermini vehicles go head to head with rivals though and given that the current engine range is being carried over to the newly updated Rio, we see that the two biggest supermini vehicles on the market the Ford Fiesta and the Clio from French brand Renault stand out as ideal competitors.


Kia have revealed that the price range for this new Rio model with the updates included begin from £10,145 with prices climbing higher depending on which trim level you decide to spend your money on. There are six different specifications to choose from with the new Rio and you can see them here with prices below:


  • Rio 1: £10,145

  • Rio '1 Air': £11,345

  • Rio 2: £11,245

  • Rio 3: £13,445

  • Rio 4: £15,345

  • Rio 'SR7': £10,845.

A blue Kia Rio

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