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Peugeot revealing the new 308 GT this week

French car manufacturer Peugeot are one of the most recognised car brands all around the world and for good reason. They are the company that have brought us some of the most intriguing models over the recent years such as the 5008 and the 208. Today though we are bringing your attention to the addition of the brand new 308 GT model which will be revealed for the first time this week in Paris.


The GT has been confirmed to be a more power orientated version of the standard 308 which could help it to rank high up amongst contenders like the Seat Leon FR model amongst many others. The vehicle has been confirmed to receive changes to both the interior and exterior and of course the big change being the engine that comes fitted with the car in order to help it produce on those better performance rates and abilities.


What are the brand new key selling points of the 308 GT?

It has firstly been confirmed that the vehicle will be made available in both estate and hatchback variations both coming in a five door format. There are also two engines to choose from for the vehicle at the time of purchase which introduces a 1.6 litre,THP that will see power developed of 202 brake horse power or your alternative option comes in the form of the 2.0 litre,BlueHDI which sees power come in the shape of 178 brake horse power. A redesigned front grille is included with the new 3-8 GT as are the LED lighting that come along with the GT variant. Regarding the final set of changes that come fitted to the exterior of the car, we see the additions of a brand new Black paint scheme, 18 inch wheels, a black diffuser and a set of twin tailpipes.


A full leather interior is a key highlight with the 308 GT and a brand new flat bottomed steering wheel also comes with this power orientated vehicle. The Golf model from Volkswagen has been one of the longest running contenders going up against the 308 vehicle over the years and as Peugeot take the 308 one step further with the 308 GT, so do Volkswagen with the Golf GTI which in our opinion will bring the fight to the 308 GT.


How much can you expect a new Peugeot 308 GT to set you back?

Firstly a launch date is not yet confirmed for the new GT addition but this may be announced this week at the Paris motor show. In regards to an expected purchase price that will join the 308 GT, expect a cost of somewhere in the £25,000 region to come into play.  

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