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Range Rover owners struggling to get insurance in London

A recent report has stated that if you own a Range Rover Evoque or a Range Rover Sport and live in London then you could potentially have some difficulty on getting insurance for your vehicle. Unless you have underground or secure parking for your Range Rover in the London area the chances are you may be turned down for insurance.


The reason for this is that a report has stated that last year a high number of thefts were reported in the London area for these particular Range Rover models. Between January and July it has been stated that 294 Evoque and Sport models were stolen. It has been said that if you do own one of these models and use street parking in the London area then nine out of ten insurers are likely to turn you down for insurance on your vehicle.


How have so many Range Rover models been stolen in this amount of time?

Reports are stating that the thefts on these Range Rover models in the London area are down to the keyless ignition system that comes along with both of these particular models. A hand-held device used by the thieves allow the thief to bypass the ignition system and power up the car.


This problem sounds a lot similar to an issue that the Audi brand had a number of months ago with hacking devices being used to by pass the range of security systems included with some of the firms vehicles. In this day and age, security and backup systems designed in order to prevent these thefts are being worked upon and this has been demonstrated earlier on this year by the Tesla brand with their latest model S. Is this however an area that Land Rover should focus on with the Range Rover Sport and Evoque in order to prevent such thefts.


Does this give other SUV models an advantage on the market?

So with these recent thefts on Range Rover models does this give other SUV models on sale right now an added advantage as far as the competition scale is concerned?.The SUV division is certainly one of the biggest and fastest growing markets around the world and we have seen many manufacturers make their presence felt over the years. Companies such as Nissan with the Juke and the Audi Q5 have achieved some great success over the years but do these latest developments regarding the technology used in some vehicles and security systems lure you away from the idea of owning one of these cars? We think this is definitely an area for improvement for some brands but given added security measures we think the car industry and SUV divisions will continue to remain at the top of their prime.


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