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Seat planning new crossovers,China EV and hybrid sales,Jaguar Land Rover pothole technology

Spanish firm Seat who are a part of the Volkswagen Group have their sights set on being one of the first manufacturers to offer a reasonable crossover that could officially topple that or even go head to head with that of the Nissan Juke. It is believed that the firm are looking at the development of crossover and suv models based on both of their Leon and Ibiza model ranges with the Leon based model expected to come first in the line up. The new suv/Crossovers are expected to be mid sized models one of which to contend with the Juke and the other which will be aimed at taking down the ever popular Qashqai. There is no estimate for the moment as to when we can expect to see these new cars go on sale or how long it will be before we see them in the flesh. This is a story we are paying close attention to though and we are looking forward to hearing all of the latest on these ongoing developments.


China to be the leader in EV and hybrids in the future

Car manufacturers in China have made their intentions quite clear when it comes to the sales of electric and hybrid vehicles in the country. A total of one million units of EV and hybrids are said to be going on offer in the country before the end of this decade in the year 2020. In China right now, there are a total of 83,000 versions of these cars on the road to to have one million by the end of the decade could seem a little optimistic. Honda have been one of the first companies from China to come out and say that this all new technology is very important to the future of the car industry. Do you think this goal of one million vehicles by the end of the year 2020 is achievable?. Let us know your thoughts.


Jaguar Land Rover taking technology to the next level

The advancement in technology for vehicles has certainly come a long way over the duration of the past number of years and the updates are still coming in for a number of manufacturers thick and fast. One of the companies that stand out when it comes to this kind of news is Jaguar Land Rover who have this week announced their plans to launch some new technology in future vehicles which allows the vehicle being driven to detect a pothole in the road and make them less impactful. Here in the United Kingdom, potholes and cracks in the road are a serious issue which can cause potential damage to cars and more likely their suspension systems. The new technology will allow the car to adjust its suspension automatically and make the bump even less and more calm. This new technology will be made possible by the fittings of sensors underneath the car which scans the road that the driver is travelling down and adjusts accordingly depending on the surface. Nothing more is known for the moment as to what cars are expected to receive this new technology first or when we can expect to see this sensor technology fitted to cars but as soon as we have more on the matter, we will have all of the latest for you here at Shortfall.  

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