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Hybrid Jaguar XE-Renault to revive Alpine models-Fiat Uno special edition

The 'Uno' is a vehicle we have not heard about for a while but Italian firm Fiat have changed all of that today by announcing a new special edition version of the car which has been designed in order to celebrate 450 years since the founding of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. The car has only been priced for the Brazilian market which chances are that we wont see the vehicle here in the UK or any other part of the world. The news has made fans excited though as the company have announced new 450 decal designs located around the car which also find a place in a new set of alloy wheels introduced for this special edition model. The materials used inside of the cabin have also been updated. Continuing in the same fashion as the standard 'Uno' Fiat will keep the standard one litre,engine inside of the car that gives out 73 brake horse power in total. Don't expect to see this new updated model in the UK though.


Is there a hybrid Jaguar XE on the way?

Recent images have been posted online which show the Jaguar XE model but in what appears to be a new hybrid variant of the car. The new model was spotted on the streets of Spain but carrying a distinctive feature which is the E logo located at the back end of the car. The British firm have not revealed anything on the car so far and with E badging, it could have been believed that this would be an all electric model but this has later been revealed to not be the case it was also equipped with the same two litre,diesel engine unit that can be found in the standard XE. The car was completely undisguised and looked very similar to the standard XE with the big difference of course being the previously mentioned E badge. As soon as we have more developments on the car, we will provide you with all of the latest.


Renault to bring back the Alpine range

Alpine vehicles were a range of sports cars that proved to be very successful over the years but as of the most recent years we have not seen much provided by the brand. However this could be all set to change as Renault the Alpine owners have confirmed that they are working hard on a brand new model called the AS1 standing for the Alpine Sport 1. Bruno Ancelin the executive vice president of Renault has confirmed their plans to launch the new model in 2016 and will come in the form of a two seater sports vehicle. The French brand in the past have made attempts to bring back the range none of which have been successful. This new model could be the opening for the revival of the company though.  

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