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Should you be excited for the new Jaguar XE S?

This coming April will see the launch of an all new addition into Jaguar's XE range and will come as the new special S variant. The XE is expected to be one of the most popular sellers that the British firm this year and now the brand are looking to increase its popularity even more by focusing on some new changes brought into play and new updates to the engine and the cars performance. Along with updating the engines performance, the car also receives some new adjustments as far as its overall driving and handling experience is concerned. The new XE family were revealed just last year and this year will officially go on sale. So does Jaguar open up the range with a bang and is this a vehicle that you should be particularly excited for?.


A look into adjustments and potential rivals for the XE S

So the big news with this car in our opinion is of course the updated engine. So to start of the excitement, we see that Jaguar have included the fitting of a V6,Supercharged engine carrying a capacity of three litres. This is the same engine that is being carried over from the firms current F Type model. Developing 336 horse power and paired up with a six speed,manual gearbox, the car is capable of hitting a top speed of 155 miles per hour. The dampers on the vehicle have also received a bit of work making the car more smooth than ever before, part of this can also be contributed to the suspension system in place. The car has been revealed receiving a white paint option and more colours could potentially become available too.


As far as receiving some tough competition when it goes on sale, the XE S will look to contend with the likes of the BMW M3 and the latest range of Mercedes C Class could also be considered to be a top contender challenging the XE S.


How much will the new XE S sell for?

Jaguar have announced that their brand new XE S will become available to purchase from Jaguar dealerships this April and it will sell with a listing price of £44,870. In our opinion, we would say that this is definitely a car that you should be excited for this year and it could be one of the biggest sellers that Jaguar-Land Rover put on sale in 2015.  

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