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Are Jaguar set to expand their suv range?

Jaguar Land Rover are set to debut their brand new F Pace SUV model when they start the sales of this suv/crossover model this year. The British based firm are looking to conquer the division with this new model which could very well be achievable with something special and that is what we believe the new F Pace is. The new F Pace is designed as a mid sized suv and for many months we though that this was the best we were going to get from Jaguar but now some information has been made public here in Britain which suggests that there could be much more on the way from the brand in the future as far as the suv segment is concerned?.


What Jaguar news did we learn this week?

Well the latest on the matter is that the firm could be looking to develop a larger sized suv bigger than the F Pace and introduce is as yet another crossover model and also another addition into this Pace range. The new model expected to be revealed as the J Pace was announced by a UK based car magazine and with the news of the car was also the information that we can expect to see the new car go on sale at some point throughout the course of 2019.


The magazine suggests that the new J Pace was voted on by the higher ups in Jaguar Land Rover and was considered as the better option over another addition into the XJ segment. The reason behind this is said to be because the car would generate more sales than another XJ addition overall.


What kind of features would a new J Pace pack?

It is of course a little early to tell what we could see packed into the new J Pace model when it goes on sale in the future but there is already some heavy speculation which suggests that V6 and V8 sized engines could be included as a part of the new vehicle range. A hybrid option could also be on the cards for the new model also. But remains to be confirmed. A new J Pace to run alongside the F Pace would certainly prove to be wise investment from Jaguar Land Rover and when we look at the suv division, we have seen models such as the Range Rover Evoque dominate the market for many years aswell as the standard Range Rover, so what better brand to build the new model?.  

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