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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2015-Saleen tuned Mustang-one off Land Rover Defender revealed

Alfa Romeo will launch their brand new Giulia model from this coming Summer and it is hoped by the brand that this this new model can help them to achieve their goal of reaching 400,000 sales by the year 2018. The new model is expected to be one of the biggest rivals as far as competition is concerned for the BMW 3 Series range but will Alfa be able to make this car the success that they are hoping for?. Well it appears that the brand will be looking to appeal to a vast market with this new saloon style model as we can expect to see offerings of both four and six cylinder designed engine units. Information for the moment though is being kept very much under lock and key but images have seen the vehicle under disguise testing in the past. One thing is for sure though and that is the brand will be looking to make the car very comfortable and will also be looking to include some of the latest and greatest in car technology. As soon as we receive more information on the new Giulia, we will have everything you need to know right here at Shortfall.


A special edition Land Rover Defender revealed

Land Rover have created a very special edition of their Defender model which has been designed as just a one off special model. The brand have made the car with new specifications to match the desires of Sir Paul Smith who is one of Britain's most popular designers. The car is looking excellent thanks to some brand new additions but unfortunately this is a vehicle that will not be going on sale in the future. The first big noticeable change is that the bodywork is now made in a total of twenty seven different colour designs. Inside of the Defender also received some nice additions such as both fabric and leather seating. The model also receives a striping pattern across the seat. The vehicle will not go on sale but can be found on display in Mayfair London at the designers shop.


Saleen tuning company get hold of the Mustang

A tuning company called 'Saleen' announced a number of months ago that they would be working hard on some brand new updates for the latest Ford Mustang. The new Mustang will make history by going on sale in the United Kingdom for the first time but 'Saleen' are looking to take the car to the next level by introducing its Black Label version which will also be followed by White and Yellow label models. The company have revealed the updated Mustang in a bright Yellow paint design and a total of 730 brake horse power will be produced by the tuned vehicle. A V8 sized five litre engine will also be thrown underneath the bonnet too. The overall length of the car has also been adjusted by three inches in total. A brand new set of twenty inch wheels can also be found. The last changes that 'Saleen' will bring into play is the updated suspension system to come along with the car. The springs in the car and the shock absorbers have also been updated.  

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