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BMW 3 Series facelift-Volkswagen Golf estate GTD-Hyundai performance vehicles

BMW have confirmed that later on this year they are to introduce a revised version of their current 3 Series model onto the road. The newly updated model will feature new parts fitted to both the inside of the car and the outside. One of the biggest changes that the car will receive will be new engines and a new plug in hybrid option will also be offered. All three engines to be brought to the car will be three cylinders carrying 1.5 litres of fuel but power between the three will differ. BMW have confirmed a 228 power output for the top trim engines.


The plug in hybrid version will go on sale shortly after that of the petrol and diesel engines and is expected to come in at around the £30,000 area with this news not yet confirmed. It could be 2016 before we see the hybrid on sale though. Ambient lights and chrome fittings inside of the vehicle are said to be included with the new 3 Series and some work will also be carried out on the headlights and bumper setup of the vehicle. The car is expected to become available from the Summer time.


Hyundai's future focus

There has been speculation that Hyundai may be all set to bring a new sports car. We have some sad news though if you were hoping for a vehicle of the kind. The head of Hyundai here in Britain Tony Whitehorn has commented on the news by saying that they will not be producing a sports vehicle anytime soon. Its not all sad news though as the company will be offering more sporty versions of their current range in the future and that is where the company are looking to aim their attention in the future. The i20,i30 and i40 range are expected to be announced as the cars getting performance versions in the future but this is yet to be confirmed much in a similar way that no time-scale has been revealed as of yet either.


A Volkswagen Golf Estate on the way to Geneva

It was revealed yesterday by the Volkswagen company that a brand new, diesel and more powerful version of their current Golf Estate model will be going along with them to the Geneva Motor Show which takes place in March. The car has been confirmed by the brand for a June launch. The car will be badged under the GTD badge and will deliver 181 brake horse power much in a similar way that other Golf Estates do. Speaking of the other estates, the new model will carry the same engine too which means when you lift up the bonnet you will find a two litre engine. Changes do find a place for the bodywork of the car though compared to other models. New focus on the grille,front and back bumpers,lighting and wheels have been a priority. Bi Xenon headlights with seventeen inch alloys and the option to upgrade to eighteen inches are just some of the best features to be announced. Aluminium is now used on the steering wheel and the seats have seen a revamp resulting in them looking and feeling more sporty than past models. Prices have not been announced yet but orders open in April so expect to hear more before that time.  

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